Alleee and Franc's

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Who is Franc's Fountain of Wisdom

Franc's Fountain of Wisdom is a consulting corporation located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). It is but one humble tentacle (subsidiary, to be more precise) of the powerful international counseling firm Provigo.

Here is the Board of Directors of FFW. Media pictures have been chosen whenever possible, to show our tiresome work in building a better, greater society.

Francois Bonnehumeur
Has been CEO since the beginning of the company. Exceptionally intelligent and specialist in everything, his dynamic personality is the heart of the company. His main foible ? He likes Nigerian scams, for some reason.

Marcel Marceau
Director of Experiential Vividity. A really happy-go-luck kinda guy.

Jerry Falwell
Director of Thought Regulation. One smart cookie, he also hates scammers and other social parasites. Always ready to lay the smack down.

Ralph Nadir
Director of Financial Awareness. Former portfolio manager for Coruscant Inc., he disagrees with some of the company's doctrines but remains always professional.

Jean-Luc Picard
Director of Cutural Contextualism. Former Army officer, can whip up a great soufflé.

Tom Paine
Director of Wanton Secularism.

Dr. Lafayette Hubbard
Director of Media Relations. Ironically, despite being our media relations director, he is the least known to the public eye. Former nuclear physicist.

Dr. Réjean Thomas
Director of Psycho-Medical Action. Given the state of our health system in Canada, he's extremely busy.

Last updated 08/2002