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Nigerian Baiting page

What is a Nigerian scam ? It is a scheme in which you get an email or fax promising you millions of dollars, if only you help an African official smuggle his fortune out of the country (or a similar story).

The new wave in Nigerian scams is baiting the scammers. Here are our own attempts to elicit some humour from these dreary African fellows...


Tina Udo (1 exchange) - Tina is in big trouble - she'll have to marry her dead husband's brother. Fortunately, she stashed 30 million dollars, and Hypathia, goddess-worshipper, comes to her rescue.

Senator Bob James (1 exchange) - Alleee's first try. I think she intimidated him !

(I just kept them for fun, because I'm not nearly as good)

Usman Bello (4 exchanges) - An aborted Grudge Match between L. Ron Hubbard and the infamous scammer Usman Bello.Bello did not bite to my bait. Oh well.

Ms. Swarin (8 exchanges) - L. Ron Hubbard is taking care of business while the master is away. That poor orphan girl, living all alone...

Ray Kuti (5 exchanges) - "mr. cooties" was defeated by my weird writing.

Rev. Amos Soglo (9 exchanges) - Two funny pictures and a two-timing liar.

Dr. John Okafor (14 exchanges) - These two are perhaps the most incompetent scammers I've ever seen, but we did get some laughs and pictures of forms from it.

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