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Scamming the scammer : "Raymond Kuti"...

Greetings mr cooties,

I am to be thinkink that your proposition is acceptable. I am interested to hearink more about this one to one passage of currency. Please to be sending more information on how we are to be proceedink.

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Dear Sir,
I am glad to hear from you.Sorry I could not write you immediately,I applied to the bank that I have gotten the Next of Kin to the deceased.This was to enable the ten days given to me by the bank be scrapped. Now that you have agreed to work with me.I shall start by hiring an attorney who will work on your behalf to obtain the required documnets which would present you as the next of kin.I will give you the personal inofrmation of the deceased.Once the attorney is hired,we shall proceed and have the money transfered to your account.Please,give me your account information.
I will wait for your response to this mail asap.

Greetings mr cooties,

I am rejoicink to hear of good news about this transaction. My babouska and me is gettink exsited thinking about all the millyons.

I run a good busines, mr cooties. We work hard, hard, in our little bookstor. We run a mineral bookstor in canada. I kinnae wait for this gift from GEODE to arrive in our coffers !

Here is account information as you requestink :

BAINK NAME - Caisse populaire Desjardins de Saint-Léonard
BAINK ADDRESS - 8050, boulevard Lacordaire
Saint-Léonard, QC
H1R 2A2
BAINK TELEPHONE - (514) 324-5252

Thankix you very much.

Dear Francois,
You are a very understanding man.I will hire the attorney to represent you and go to the Federal High Court of Nigeria to obtain documents of Claim and Death of the deceased customer whom you are going to act as his next of kin.Once these certificates are released,the attorney shall apply to me bank to pay you.Here I will help process your payment by virtue of my position in the bank.
Please,give me the following info:
Full names and address.2)your private telephone and fax numbers.3)your international passport number or any indentification number.This will aid the money be directed to you from our bank via telegraphic transfer mode.
Call me on 234-8033462436.
Please make sure you check your mails everytme and get back to me as soon as possible.

greetings mr cooties,

Thankix you mostly ! kould you pleaz send us teh documants when yuo get them ? We wuld be most recogniscent.

may ful nam be francois melanine tremblay

may fax numbar be 709 238 5473

passort numbar be JS9436

plz send monayes as soon as possibul !

I kinnae call you ysar. My babouska tell me we mad too many overseas this month all-ready, and our phone was to disconnected ! I am not understandink and will callink phone compannie.

Yuo seem lik honnets man, mr. cooties. Please to be tellink me wy yuo have such a nam ? Is it becuse yuo kiss too many gurls when young ?

Dear Francoise,
You are a very funny man.I want to also,believe that you will be very kind to work with me.I aasure you to be very honest and transparent in dealing with you.I love the way you write.I do not find it difficult to understand.
On the documents,I shall hire a good lawyer that will work for you and represent you as to go to the high court to swear the affidavit of claim and death.Once the certificates are released,I shall fax the copies to your fax numbers as submitted by you.I will have a discussion with an attorney tomorrow and will update you on my progress after the meeting.

Once the affidavits are released,application will be made to the bank to have the money transfered to your account.It should take us less than 5working days to have this transaction concluded.
I will update you with the outcome of my search for a very good attorney to work for you.I will wait for your call.
My name is Raymond Kuti and I was not given that name because I kiss lots of girls when I was young.I believe you love women alot because of the impression you had about my name.You have to be frank just like your name,Francoise.(Joke).
I am married with three lovely daughters,After this transaction I shall visit your country with my family.I hope you will not have your eyes on my lovely daughters.
Thanks and God bless.

mr juti,

i am not sure you re to be understandink me ! Mmy nam is FRANCIOS, not FRAMCOSE. Francose is women's name ! But i am shore uo were nto serios.

Yuo perheps do nto know. Cotoies is nam we give of "dirt" on littl grlsf to nto kiss them. Teh chiles, they are funney ! i wil certinaly to like to seeink youqr chils.

i willl wait fro fax. Nie makinx buaines with yuo.

Dear Franciose,
Sorry for misspelling your name.My name is Kuti Raymond and does not mean kissing little girls.I ahve talked to a very good attorney for this transaction.His name is Philip Aseke Of El-Zabiri Chambers.He said he will help.You can write him at
He will brief you on modalities to obtain the documents from the court.He will also,ensure that he sends fax copies of each released document to you.Please,write him as I will not be in position to work directly for you because I work as manager to the bank,but I will assist when the application gets to my bank.

dear mr. Philip Aseke Of El-Zabiri Chambers

I am recoicink that yuo are takinx care fo teh transcation of my friend Arymond Kooty.

I am askink yuo to sendinx documant to fax numbar 709 238 5473. okies ?

I am wonderink wyh yuo have such long name, "Philip Aseke Of El-Zabiri Chambers". To have doink your parants hate yuo ?

dEear mr. kuti,

I have emalix "Philip Aseke Of El-Zabiri Chambers". He hsa a long nam, yes ?

I am to be apologizink for my pervious emale. I wsa in quite distress.

When we were to be at the store yesterday, a mna enterinx. He lookink around the stor, and then assaultinx my babouska with a piece of precious granite ! The policies have cominx, they sya he wsa crazy mna. I am not understandink why we aer attackix agaisnst. I wsa in a state of great disstress.

Nwo we must pya fro hosiptal bills. Please mr. koti we aer just stor, we do nto hav money like yuo. Could yuo send us a bibt of money so we cna subsist while waitix fro teh money. Aftera ll yuo will be rewarded a thousndafold. I geb yuo.

Attention:Francois Bonnehumeur .

Dear Sir,

I was only brief yesterday be the managing director of Hallmark Bank Plc,Dr. Raymond Kuti on the call for me to serve you transfer a certain amount of money belonging to your inlaw,whom died in Nigeria some years ago.

I was also,informed that before the death of your inlaw, Engr.Dyke,that no documnets was released by the High court to effect the transfer of his fund to your account as his next of kin.

I will be going to the court by monday.I am afriad we will be required to pay some money to have the issuance of death certificate and certificate of claim which will enable me file an application for the release of the fund in Engr. Dyke's account with Hallmark Bank.I will inform you of this development when I get to the court on monday.

I am delighted to serve you.

Philip Aseke.

El-Zabiri Chambers.

Notories Public.

#5 Osolo Way

PMB 2111,



Dear Francose,
I am delighted to write you.I have just talked to the attorney who said you mailed him today to find out the extent he has gone to conclude this transaction.According to him everything is fine and he has said that the high court demanded USD6,000 to have the death and claim certficates released in your favour.He said once he gets this he shall forward an application for the transfer of the fund to you.
I am working hard to raise the money but will like to that here that I might need a little assistance from you to be able to get this done.This will be the only place where we will be required to spend some money as I will work everything out when the appliction gets to the bank where I am the manager.
Please,let me know how much you can send promptly so that the attorney can have these certificates issued and sent to your fax line. I will wait for your mail.
Thanks and God bless.

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