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Scamming the scammer : "Dr. John Okafor"...

Greetings ! One of my associates has advised me that you had transmitted to him a business proposal a while ago. While I am not sure what our company can do for you, we would be interested in hearing you out on this no doubt legitimate transaction. Would you please fill me in on the details ?

Thank you very much.


Dear Francois,

Thank you for your interest to help us in this transaction.First of all I will like you to understand the proccess of this transaction and your roll before you go in.The nature of the transaction in details: My colleagues and I are members of the bank panel that will be charged to investigate the whole process of this inheritance fund transfer. We are to prepare the proof of kinship right here in the bank with the personal information that you will give us.We do not want to have any hitch in this transaction as a result of delays and in the process put USD20,000,000.00 at stake. We have been in the banking profession for years and know what can make a transaction of this kind to backfire. This will mean toying with our career which we don't want.

*** You will send your application to the bank which will undergo some screening but you don't have to be afraid because me and my colleagues are also members of the pannel,we are there to protect you.

*** Soon as your application is received, it will be processed and you will in turn receive your acknowledgement letter from the bank showingthereceipt of your application.

*** The bank will stipulate in the acknowledgement letter the conditions with which this fund shall be swift transferred to your designated account in your country or as the case may be. Transfer charges will be deducted from the principal(USD20,000,000.00) and to be paid by none of the participants( owners of this transaction-You and us).

*** In the application it will be stated that you will take care of transfer charges. This is a mere official protocol to get us protected.

*** Now I think everything is very clear. We are only interested in getting the transaction successfully concluded. We know that 75% of USD20,000,000.00 is enough for us to live comfortably till we die. Greed kills.

My Word:
"UNITED WE MUST STAND BUT DIVIDED WE ARE BOUNDTOFALL". This transaction is riskfree and will never involve any one along the line if only you are ready to follow our guidelines. Do not reply any letter to the bank without sending me a copy of such letter for a review to avoid mistakes that may effect this transaction. All you need to do is to understand that the watchword is confidentiality and trust. Do not expose this to friends to protect this transaction from suffering a hitch anywhere along the line. Everything is legal and will be legally done. The attorney will get all the fund transfer approval documents legally to effect the transfer.There is nothing different from the normal bank fund transfer proccedure. The only difference is that we are going to change the particulars of the next of kin who is late and any person can stand for this claim.We are 100% sure because we have carried out series of investigations concerning this fund and discovered that except we move it out, it will be furfitted to the government as unclaimed bills. So do not be afraid. All we need is your maximium cooperation and maturity to see that we finally smile together as one in few days from now. The text of the application will be sent to you as soon as you show further interest.And every information you will attach with the application will be provided too. We have studied this transaction before going into it. Believe that there is no problem otherwise we wouldn't have been involved. The nationality of the next of kin was not disclosed in the information with the bank so it is not subject to sex,race,language,age,occupation or nationality.You may be a man or a woman and maycomefrom any foreign country around the world. It is true the late Mr.Bussak, was a German national but can have his cousin any where in the world. A cousin may be partenal or maternal. All what the bank wants is to have the information which I will send to you because it is impossible for the wrong person to have it. You will have it because we are interested and thereby will get it out for you. Finally the only thing is to keep this transaction secret, do all what the bank asks you to do at the right time, and always be in constant communication with me for advice before you answer anything from the bank. I assure you that the ten banking days will look like ten banking hours.Please do not be afraid. You mustn't need to be the real heir in this situation. All we need is to use your contact as a foreign partner. That is why you have to put in a copy of the information I will send to you about the late Mr.Bussak in your application to the bank. The only difference is that you have to change the name of the next of kin to your own name. Every othernecessaryproof that is needed will be arranged here in the bank. Information about the family of the deseased will be sent to you with the text of application which you will send to the bank for the claim of the fund as soon as you show further interest. See this as a life opportunity.Call me on my line +228-9111730 if there is any thing that is still disturbing your mind so that we can get started. This will enable us conclude this transaction shortly. Please remember to keep everything to yourself as confidentiality is the only key to this expected success. I shall be glad to answer any question(s) as required. My contact phone is +228-9111730. + is your international access code while calling out from your country.Usually it is 011 for America and Canada and 00 for many European nations. 228 is the international code for Republic of Togo.
See below the necessary information about me and my colleagues:

1-Dr.John Okafor Nwachinaemere.
Date of birth: 16/09/41.
Place of birth: Gambia.
Profession : Banking
Passport type: Service
Date of issue: 11/02/1996.
Issuing body: The government.
Expiry date: 10/02/2006.

2-Dr.James Akouvi.
Date of birth: 12/07/45.
Place of birth: Lome Togo.
Profession : Banking
Passport type: Ordinary
Date of issue: 14/05/1993.
Issuing body: The government.
Expiry date: 14/05/2003.

3-Mr.Richard Ogere Ayouvi
Date of birth: 22/01/50.
Place of birth: Bamako- Mali.
Profession : Banking
Passport type: Ordinary.
Date of issue: 18/08/1994.
Issuing body: The government.
Expiry date: 18/06/2004.

Your brother,
Dr.John Okafor Nwachinaemere.
Chief of the group.

Greetings Mr. Okofar !

My heart rejoices because of your email. Please be assured that I (and the institute) will do anything in my power to help you and your colleagues.

However, you have to understand that we cannot do this for free. Our time is precious. Since the events of last September 11th, our philosophical services have been much in demand to the bereaved. Likewise, the continued popularity of Britney Spears and the recent wave of murders due to Pokemon trading has brought us a surge in clients.

Unfortunately, this means that we will have to charge you (as clinical egoists, money is of great interest to us). Surely you can spare us some of your twenty million dollars for our vital services. Perhaps 10% would be acceptable ? It would be important for us to clear this important issue before proceeding.

As you said, "Greed kills", and we agree absolutely, especially about our greedy customers (i.e. those who don't want to pay our exorbitant consultation fees - they usually find themselves either dead or in court). Of course, we have no intention of scamming you, and we know you don't either, but a service is a service.

In other matter, the colleague who alerted me to your offer is in vacation, and so could not give me the information on your problem. Is it related to this "Mr. Buzzak" you speak of ?

You give me your word that "UNITED WE MUST STAND BUT DIVIDED WE ARE BOUNDTOFALL". Obviousy you are a wise man, and would easily find work here at our institute. We are happy to work with a person of your stature.

Anyway, I have consulted with my colleagues and we have agreed to help you in this transaction. Please proceed with the necessary details.

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

I thank you so much for your interest to help us in this transaction.Since you do not have my first letter I decieded to attarch it below so that you will have the knowledge of the content of my mail.Also am attarching below the text of application which you will send to the bank for the claim of this fund. Rightly as you asked the whole thing is about Mr Bussak Meyer.

Your full name:--------------
The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Division
Banque Togolaise de developpement
Ecowas building Boulevard Pompido Bighett.

Dear Sir,
Please be informed that I wish to transfer the sum of USD20,000,000.00(twenty million United States dollars)from account number: 286-65652-000 AC to a new account as will be detailed below:

MY BANK NAME IS ---------,
MY BANK ADDRESS IS-------------
BANK TELEPHONE-----------,
BANK FAX----------------.
This is the money left behind in your bank by my deceased cousin, Mr.Bussak Melford Meyer Who died in a motor accident some years ago with his entire family.He was a German national, but resided in Lome - Togo and owned Ste BUSSAK & Brothers Sarl, IMPORT ANDEXPORT LOME-TOGO.
I am his cousin and named next of kin with all documents of proof attached. I wish as his heir apparent to claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be transferred into my nominated account as shown above. I shall bear the cost of fund transfer. Please accept this late application, as it was due to family logistic problems consequent upon his funeral rites. I hope you will expedite action while thanking you for your coparation

Yours faithfully,
Your name and signature.
Copy it and send it directly to the bank immediately by e-mail . Attach among others the information I gave to you about Mr. Bussak. Replace the existing name of the next of kin with your own name before sending please. Contact me immediately it is done so that I can follow it up as I am in a different dept. from operations entirely. Everything about the application is to be directed to the address which is the foreign operations department. This is very important to note due to the confidential nature of this transaction. So direct everything by e-mail though the bank has the right to contact you by fax regularly.Once again thanks a lot.
Brief information about the late Mr.Bussak Melford Meyer as will be copied and attached to the application to be sent to the bank but remember to change the name of the next of kin to yours:

1- Name : Mr. Bussak Melford Meyer.
2- Date of Birth: 13/02/1939
3- Place of Birth: Germany
4- Nationality: German .
5- Name of father: Mr. Michael Meyer.
6- Name of mother: Mrs. Grace Meyer.
7- Nationality of parents: English
8- Name of wife: Mrs Tina Meyer.
9- Name of son: Mr. Jerry Meyer.
10-Name of daughter: Miss Doris Meyer.
11-Date of accident: September 1992
12-Location of the accident: At Ejigbo
13-Vehicle type: Toyota Landcruiser
14-Registration number: ORL 3636 RT.
Account information:
Account number: 286-6565-2000AC
Type of account: Current.
Date of Opening of the account: 16/09/76
Amount involved at the moment: USD20,000,000.00
Interest so far accumulated: USD1,500,000.00
Source of fund: Realised from Governmental contracts and general trade (import and export).
Date of registration: 18/12/ 71.
Referees in the bank:1- CHIDEK INVESTMENT COMPANY
Next of kin:Fill in your name here.

Below is a copy of my first mail:

In my department, we discovered an abandoned sum of 20 million US dollars (twenty million US dollars). In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family in September,1992 in a traggic motor accident . Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next of Kin to come over and claim his money because we can not release it unless somebody applies for it as next of Kin or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking and financial policies but unfortunately we learnt that his supposed

next of kin or relation died along side with him in the accident leaving no body behind ! to claim the money. It is therefore upon this discovery that I and other officials in my department now decided to make this business proposal to you and release the money to

you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for

safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don t want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed bills. The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such

money remained unclaimed after so many years, the money will be transferred into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. The request for a foreigner as next of

kin in this business is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and an indegine cannot stand as next of kin to the deceased family. We agreed

that 20% of this money will be for you as foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign account, 5% will be set aside for expenses incurred during this trans! action and 75 % would be for me and my colleagues. There after I and my colleagues will visit your country for disbursement according to the percentages indicated. Th! erefore to enable the immediate transfer of this fund to you as arranged, you must apply first to the Bank as relation or next of kin of the deceased indicating your private, telephone and fax number for easy and effective communication and location where the money will be remitted. Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or e-mail the text of the application. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer. You should contact me immediately as soon as you receive this letter. I decided to contact you as you have products of interest in your part of the world where we can invest our own p! ercentage to avoid peoples awareness as we are civil servants. We can conclude this operation within ten banking days. Please keep this very confidential. Contact me for more information, all confirmable before you apply if you want.
May God be with you. Trusting to hear from you shortly

for a detailed information which are confirmable before you can make up your mind to apply.

Peace and love always,
Dr. John Okafor Nwachinaemere. PSI, MSI ,Ph.D
Republic of Togo, West


I decided to give everything to you to enable you be well informed and act immediately. I shall be glad to answer any question(s)as required. I sent you the text of the application and the application requirements.Please after going through this mail call me for just 5 seconds.

Your brother in Africa
Dr.John Okafor Nwachinaemere.

Dear Mr. Okarof,

Thank you for the form. I will send this to the bank as soon as I receive all the information from our central office (Provigo Inc.) - which shouldn't take more than a few hours.

Thank you also for sending your initial email. I feel like I am really part of your enterprise. Me and my colleagues are honoured to be part of this exciting adventure.

I note that you work for the Banque Togolaise de Développement. That's interesting ! We work closely with a local development fund also. I am curious : why would a development fund have foreign customers ?

I do not entertain any atom of fear as to this transaction. I expect the bank will release these funds as soon as I send them the information. After all, they are working for us now.

Here's to our very imminent fortune ! Cheers !

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

Thank you so much for your understanding,as soon as you send it call me to be awear so thatI can follow it up immediatly and make sure it is approved.

Dr John Okafor.

Please be informed that I wish to transfer the sum of USD20,000,000.00(twenty million United States dollars)from account number: 286-65652-000 AC to a new account as will be detailed below:

MY BANK NAME IS Caisse populaire Desjardins de Saint-Léonard,

8050, boulevard Lacordaire
Saint-Léonard, QC
H1R 2A2

SWIFT CODE IS 815-30381
BANK TELEPHONE (514) 324-5252
BANK FAX - unknown.
This is the money left behind in your bank by my deceased cousin, Mr.Bussak Melford Meyer Who died in a motor accident some years ago with his entire family.He was a German national, but resided in Lome - Togo and owned Ste BUSSAK & Brothers Sarl, IMPORT ANDEXPORT LOME-TOGO.
I am his cousin and named next of kin with all documents of proof attached. I wish as his heir apparent to claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be transferred into my nominated account as shown above. I shall only bear the cost of fund transfer if preserved from future returns. Please accept this late application, as it was due to family logistic problems consequent upon his funeral rites. I hope you will expedite action while thanking you for your coparation

Yours faithfully,
Francois Bonnehumeur

Your full name:Francois Bonnehumeur

Occupation Chief Philosopher
Telephone:(514) 383-3000
Fax:0 709 238 5473
Date: 14/08/2002
The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Division
Banque Togolaise de developpement
Ecowas building Boulevard Pompido Bighett.

[info on deceased, same as last email]

[From the "bank". this email was all written in huge caps] FROM:

The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Division
Banque Togolaise de developpment
Ecowas building
Boulevard Pompido Bighett.
Date:15/08/2002 8.38hrs GMT.

ATTE:Francois Bonnehumeur




[to the "bank"] Dear Mr. Komaka,

You cannot imagine my anger and incomprehension when I received your email.

You tell me that someone named Sarl Lome is already trying to claim the inheritance. This is obviously some kind of joke ! How can this be when I, Francois Bonnehumeur, am Bussak's real next of kin ! I would know very well who I am. Furthermore, your email is written in all caps with many spelling mistakes. I am beginning to think that you are an impostor !

Ergo, I demand that you send your Banking Certification Document, or its equivalent in Togo, so I can compare your identification with the real Banque Togolaise de Développement (I will phone the Embassy of Canada to Togo for this information). This elementary measure will ensure my trust in you.

Meanwhile, I am sending you my driving licence. I'm sorry that I cannot give you one from my current country, as I just came back from a three-year stay in Seattle and am still using this passport (we opened new offices there, under the business name "Infidel Guy Inc." - it's mostly an iconoclast operation). Hope this will be enough for you to confirm my identity and finally release this money - which, I remind you, fully belongs to me.

Have a good day !

[two forms from the "bank" - click to see in full]

[back to our scammer] Dear Mr. Akofor,

My conversation with your colleague was harrowing.

That co-worker of yours, he is quite incompetent, isn't he ? He made numerous mistakes, could not even get the bank name right, and was generally quite rude. But finally, I managed to get from him an invitation to come there on the 18th to get the money.

I bet he's the kind of guy who steals everyone's sandwiches. There is one like that in every office, you know ? Does he do stuff like that ?

I, as well as my colleagues, can't wait to get to Togo to reap the harvest of our patience.

I am still curious, why would a development fund have foreign customers ? I ask this because we work closely with a firm like yours, and we are always on the lookout for ways to help them inprove their business.

Now, I would still like to discuss with you the issue of money. It seems you are asking for 75% of the total sum. However, we are the ones taking all the risk. What exactly do you and your people intend to do to help this transaction along ? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Here's hoping for the loot.

PS I apologize for the delay in my response. Yesterday was devoted to the ceremony of statue-breaking in the name of Kali, Goddess of Destruction. Not that I'm a believer, but it's the new "in" thing with Canadian corporations (I heard Scientology also used this technique).
Do you worship Kali, Dr. Okafar ? I'm sure that you have all sorts of colourful religions in Togo.

Dear Francois,

I thank you for your mail,we always count on your inteligence,as a matter of fact he is very inqusitive and incompetent enough to handle such a sensitive post as he is currently holding but most of them are there due to the relationship they have with the presidency.So we should be very carefull and skeptical in dealing with him in particular.You see this is Africa,democracy don't realy work as it works over there.
Back to our business,the date of your coming(18-08-02)as you stated in your last mail to me is so impromtue normally it used to be two weeks according to the normal banking procedures,this will give the client enough time to arrange for his visa and other things.Well I will be in the operation department tomorrow to know why you should be given only three days.
As regards the percentage,we are three in number and it was shared in such a way that all of us will get 25% each but this will not be a problem between us it can be arranged.

Your brother in Africa,
Dr John Okafor.

Dear Dr. Otakor,

Thank you for your email as well.

I must say that I do not understand why you cover for your incompetent co-worker. At least you recognize he is incompetent, but you don't seem to understand how much. I have tried to send him an email twice, but his mailbox is full ! Furthermore, he has stubbornly refused to send a document I have asked of him.

I'm afraid I must confess having made a small typo there. I didn't mean the "18th" but the "28th". Fortunately, I found that out before causing you any inconvenience.

You speak of democracy - as I used to work as a politics specialist in the company, I can perhaps correct you slightly. In African countries, you may think that lack of democracy may be part of your problem, but the problem is really one of representation. Democracy may be a useful tool in some systems, but they really degenerate into interest groups and dishonest individuals who prey on others thru hope and fear. It is unfortunate that there are not more upright citizens like you and me, Dr. Okafor.

You say that the three of you, and me, will each get 25%. But it seems to me that you are the one doing all the work. Why share ? As my colleague Marcel Marceau (our Director of Experiential Vividity) always says, "share the spotlight if you must, but never share the dough".

I believe that, since we are doing the biggest share of the work, we should get 60%. Since you found us and are helping us thru this transaction, we think it would be fair for you to get 35%. This would be a vast improvement from your current situation.

Of course we will need a good 5% for transaction costs, and so on. And don't remember that the transfer will eat about 40% of the money in taxes. So basically, we're talking about 60% of 55% (100-45) and 35% of 55% here, not a full 60% and 35%. Please come back to me on this as soon as possible.

PS I note you are not answering my question about foreign customers. Is that because it is not "quite legit" with your government ? Believe me, I will tell no one else about this.

Dear Francois,

I thought you said you have gotten something from the bank.Normally it should be two,which one have you not gotten?You have to write the bank again and asked them to complete it.

You know this is a free money,we perfere to pay that tax than having problems with your government.

For this transaction to be successfully concluded important people in my department should be involved and I am choosen to correspond with you,it does not mean am more important in the transaction than them.Secondly we are here doing all the underground works to make sure this transaction is a success so both of us(you with your colleagues and me with my colleagues)are very important and we cannot do without each other as far as the success of this transaction is concerned.Let not percentage be a problem for us,after removing 5% for expences and 40% for taxes we will share the rest into two,one part for you and your colleagues (27.5%)while the other part for me and my colleagues(27.5%).

We perfere doing this transaction with a local development fund than others that may expose us and thereby loosing this great opportunity and entering into problems.

Dr John Okafor.

Dear Mr. Okafo,

I don't understand your last email. I did get two letters from the bank.

You tell me you are doing underground work. I am curious, what kind of underground work are you doing ? I thought this was a simple claim to an inheritance. Is there something else involved you have not told me ?

You have to realize that this transaction must be based on trust. We are both honest people and there is no reason for us to be playing games. Right ? If there is another side to this transaction, you should be upfront and tell us. Like I said, all your emails are held in complete confidentiality, between you and us.

Now, your newest offer. You propose to split the profit in half between you and us. We are having a Board meeting today, and I will tell my colleagues about your latest offer. I do not foresee any big problems. We will advise and I'll email you tomorrow to tell you our response.

Have a good day !

Dear Francois,

What I mean by underground work is,most of the documents in the bank file have the name of the next of kin so we are making changes with your name which is a very big risk we took to do that.Right now every changes have been made.Also we are on the look out to cover up if there is any loop hole.

Dr John Okafor.

Dear Dr. Okfoar,

Just a word on your colleague again. I have no idea what you told him, but he made another mistake. He sent me the same document twice ! What an incompetent. Furthermore, his mailbox is still full.

Your last email leaves me completely puzzled. You say you had to change the name of the next of kin on the official documents. But if they already had his name, then why didn't they just give him the money ?

I had the tacit understanding that the person was still unknown, and that was why the transaction was possible. Now you tell me you had to change names on documents ? Was this done using legal mechanisms ?

I believe you are 100% honest, Dr. Okafor. If illegality is involved, I would hope you would tell me. After all, we at the institute are aware that law-breaking can be very profitable (we do indulge in leg-breaking from time to time) but we like to be informed of it. You have to understand that the entire transaction may hinge on this, and I expect you to be completely trustworthy.

Now, as for our meeting. My colleagues have approved your newest offer. Everything is in order now.

All of them, that is, except Jerry Falwell, our Director of Thought Regulation. He seemed suspicious that you want to keep so much money to yourself, and said he would be investigating. Please don't panic, however : I told Mr. Falwell about your need for secrecy, and he has assured me that he would not be contacting anyone in your country. Besides, you have nothing to hide.

Have a good weekend !

Dear Francois,

All you said has been noted. Tell me when you are comming and the number of people so that I can get an authorisation from different ministries and also arrange for hotel accomodation for you. Secondly I will like to speak with you directly. Kindly give me your phone contact as soon as possible.

Dr.John Okafor.

Dear Dr. Okafar,

Your last email dissapoints me. I am trying to establish a relation of confidence with you, and yet you ignore my questions. I do not understand why you act this way. Like I have told you, all our correspondance is done in complete secrecy and confidentiality. I am beginning to doubt your intentions.

As for your questions :

1. We will leave in order to arrive in Togo on the 24th. We are quite keen on seeing the sights of your beautiful country. Unfortunately, the 28th and preceding days are work days, and some of us will only arrive on the 27th. All in all, there will be three of us arriving on the 24th, and four others will join us on the 27th.

2. As pointed out in my first answer, 7 people will be in Togo in total. Me and 6 of my colleagues, who are all part of the Board.

The only one not joining us is Jerry. As I told you, he said he was investigating : today he is raising quite a ruckus, calling Rand knows who. He asked me if I knew about 419 Laws : I have no idea. Would you know what that is ?

You are no longer replying to my messages. I am to be wondering if you are still interested in us coming down to Togo to complete this transaction. You have already lost most of my trust, and now it is about to go out in a poof of smoke.

It is not a proper way for you to behave in this important transaction. Please reply to explain yourself and your behaviour.

Give me your flight schedul so that I will arrange for your accomodation.

Dr, John Okafor

Thank you for your email ! Here is our flight information. We are arriving at Lome at 17h45 on the 25th, via Brussels. Our flight number is SN-513. We are traveling on Sabena Airlines.

Unfortunately there were no flight from our preferred airlines on the 24th, so we are arriving one day later.

On this matter, could you please send us a picture of you, or the person who will be at the airport, holding a sign saying "Franc's Fountain of Wisdom" ? Or perhaps FFW, at your convenience. Given the magnitude of our transaction, we would be worried without knowing who we are doing business with. Please expedite this picture so we can be reassured.

Thank you for your cordiality !

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

If really you mean business call me on my line.

Dr.John Okafor.

Hello Dr. Okafor !

I'm afraid I will not be able to call you until we depart for Togo. Our building is under heavy renovations right now.

All phone calls are taken by Provigo for our convenience. Please do leave a message at the following number : (514) 383-3000. This is the Provigo Canada corporate office. Just tell them you are calling for Francois Bonnehumeur, CEO of Franc's Fountain of Wisdom.

I note with distress that you have not yet sent us a picture. I must request that you send a picture of yourself or your associate with the name of our company on a sign. Otherwise this will make business harder for us, as we will have to arrange a meeting instead of simply meeting at the airport.

BTW, Jerry is still investigating. He said he can't find a trace of this late "Mr. Bussak Melford Meyer". I'm sure this is all some kind of misunderstanding that will be quickly resolved by our arrival in Togo.

Thank you for your time ! Your know-how is greatly appreciated.

[Weird email from the bank, in a big font. Now I have no idea what's going on] FROM:

The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Division
Banque Togolaise de developpment
Ecowas building
Boulevard Pompido Bighett.
Date:15/08/2002 5.38hrs GMT.

ATTE:Francois Bonnehumeur

We wish to inform all our client that have financial engagement with us that is above $10million have to go for interview in our affliated bank in Nigeria.Because of our economic situation of our country such amount cannot be paied here.They will contact you any moment from now.We appologizs for any incovinece this may cause you.

Thank you for your understanding.


I just got another email from your incompetent colleague, telling me to go to Nigeria instead of Togo. Geesh, he really is clueless, isn't he ? Feel free to knock him upside the head for us.

I know very well that, if such a thing was true, you would have told us a long time ago. I trust you implicitly. You're definitively the most competent of this sorry lot.

Here's to our imminent fortune,

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

I can understand that you does't take instruction from me,definitly this will not help this transaction.What he told you is truth,that's why I have been asking you to call me but you don't want.Our country is not too rich, so this fund can only be paied by our correspondant bank in Nigeria.You must contact me on the phone let me tell you how we are going to meet in Nigeria.Have the bank in Nigeria contacted you? What are they talking about? Please send to me a copy of each mail you recieve from them so that I will advice you on what to do.

Dr John Okafor.

Dear Dr. Okafar,

I think the gig is up, here.

First, your incompetent colleague sends us a form saying that we have to be present in Lomé for the official transaction. Everything was "smooth sailing". Now, three days before we were leaving, you are telling us that it's in Nigeria.

What matter of nonsense is this, that you don't have the money ? That it's in Nigeria ? You never told me that ! All this time, it was supposed to be in YOUR coffers !

I told you we can't call you. We're in renovations, we don't have any phone lines right now. I gave you the number where you can leave me messages, read my last email. Besides, that's completely irrelevant. You lied to me, and your colleague lied to me by saying this was all taking place in Togo. Talking to me wouldn't change that.

Are you trying to destroy this transaction ? Do you realize what kind of delays (and financial loss) this represents ? Planes don't go to Togo or Nigeria every damn day.

I have told my secretary to buy us tickets for Nigeria instead. But I am NOT satisfied at all with what you are doing. It seems that not only your colleague is an incompetent, but you as well. Is this how you do business in Togo ?

We have had no contacts with your "bank in Nigeria". No emails, nothing. That shows how real it is.

Jerry Falwell tells me he has found important information about this transaction. I hope for your sake that this is not some kind of scheme. As you know, we log IP adresses and keep backups of all email exchanges. Do anything wrong and the RCMP will be on your ass, mister.

Cordially yours,

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

This is the most sensetive part of this transaction,so we have to be very carefull.Any time you get something from them please try to get me informed.

Dr.John Okafor.

Did you get my last email ? If you did, you sure are acting like you're trying to ignore it. Can't you at least try to answer for yourself ? You don't explain your lies, you don't send me any documents, you don't send me pictures, nothing.

My colleagues are getting angry about your reckless behaviour in this sensible transaction. We're about to ditch you and take the money for ourselves, Okafor. This is serious. You are not doing anything to justify your presence in this transaction, only putting obstacles in our way.

So for the last time I ask you to demonstrate your good will to us, so that we may put our trust in you and your colleagues. More precisely :

1. Explain your lies to us about the account being in Togo.

2. Send us the official documents documenting this.

3. Send us your personal picture (or that of your associates in Nigeria) so we may know who we are dealing with.

This is serious business, Okofar. We are dealing with millions of dollars. Remember that we have your personal information. Please get serious on this. I recommend you get started NOW.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Francois Bonnehumeur,

This is not lies,the account is in Togo but due to economic situation of this country we cannot pay any client that is having transaction with us that is above $10 million so that is why we refere such claients to Nigeria who have better economy than any other country here in Africa.Our bank already signal them,as soon as they are ready they will contact you. I will send you some document concernig how the money was realised which is in the bank files.
As soon as every arrangement is ready they person you will see in Nigeria will send you a picture.

We are also working heard to make sure that everything is in other.Just don't worry yourself.

Dr John Okafor.

Dear Dr. Orakof,

With all due respect, your lies are getting worse and worse.

First, you still did not explain why you did not tell me before that it was not possible to get the money in Togo, why your incompetent colleague told me to go to Togo, or why you still refuse to send me official documentation about this change.

Secondly, did you think I was a moron ? I used to be a political analyst for Provigo. I know very well that Nigeria is twice as poor as Togo, and is much more unstable ! Nigeria is ballotted by military dictatorship and general political instability almost constantly. Their third biggest industry is scamming foreign people into sending them money, in fact this practice is so widespread that it's called "Nigerian scams".

In the news recently, a woman in Nigeria has been condemned to death for having sex out of wedlock. Do you realize how going there might ruin our reputation ? We, representants of an international firm that tries, amongst other things, to counter the pervasive growth of religion thru propagating critical thinking and cultural education ?! We are currently clearing this up with the parent office. Without documents from you, this will be very difficult. You are slowing us down at every turn !

This transaction was supposed to be brisk and start on the 28th. Now I can't foresee that this will be possible. You are putting on me a burden that I will have to negociate with the bank. Once again I must cover for your mistakes.

We will wait for an email from your bank. So far, we didn't get anything.

My colleagues have agreed with me that if this is another lie of yours, John, this will be all over. African agents of Provigo will go to Togo themselves and get the police involved. So you ought not be lying to us this time.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Dr. Okafor,

It is with a heavy heart that I send you this email.

True, I had suspicions about you since the beginning, and especially lately. You were singularily uncooperative, covered up for your incompetent co-workers, and seemed unfit for business. But I still gave you a glimmer of trust.

Your twisting about and lies about the money being in Togo, then Nigeria, and your lack of guilt about making us lose money and time, THEN not receiving any email from your "bank" (which I know now doesn't exist), were the nails in the coffin.

I went at once to Jerry Falwell with my doubts. He told me he has found out everything about you ! The clincher was when I told him you wanted us to come to Nigeria. Your scam is a straight-forward Nigerian scam :

We have also called Provigo and it seems they have internal records noting that you emailed and tried to scam people in our branches in other countries before. This time we have you for good.

Your email address, IP address, ISP and general location have been forwarded to our African branch. We expect that the police will take care of you. Until then, have a good time contemplating your future prison term.

Decisively yours,

Last updated 08/2002