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Scamming the scammer : "Rev. Amos Soglo"...

Dear Reverand Amos Soglo,

Greetings ! One of my associates has advised me that you had transmitted to him a business proposal a while ago. While I am not sure what our company can do for you, we would be interested in hearing you out on this no doubt legitimate transaction. Would you please fill me in on the details ?

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your email.
I have been waiting for a response from you.
Presently, the fund is in a security company Here in South Africa. Now that you have show Interest in helping us, itís important that we have to Introduce ourselves. All you red in the proposal Is everything about us. Can we also get to know you sir?
Awaiting for your answer
Rev. Amos Soglo.

Greetings ! We had almost lost hope on you. I was quite glad to get your email !

My name is Francois Bellehumeur, and I am president of "Franc's Fountain of Wisdom", a company under management of Provigo, which provides consultation services.

Unfortunately, I have not, in fact, red (or read) your proposal. One of my colleagues has sent me the information about your email, but unfortunately he is presently in vacation at our Santa Randia resort and I have not been able to get my hands the original. He told us you were having some kind of problem, and that our services could be of use in transferring funds from your country to ours.

After deliberation, the Board of our company has decided to tentatively accept your proposal, pending more information. We did get a dissenting voice from Jerry Falwell, our director of thought regulation, but overall the reception has been positive.

I am glad to hear that the funds are secure. I suppose you will now need information for the transfer ? Please email us back as soon as possible to indicate to us how to proceed.

Thanks for your last email.
As a confidant consultant to mrs.Mbeki, Please also know that I have to brief her about Your move to assist us receive the funds In your country. Kindly let us know where Santa Randia Resort is located in the United States? Expect full details and my offer befor the end of today 17/8/2002.
Rev. Amos Soglo

Dear Rev. Sogol,

I do not know about this Mrs. Mbeki, but I have confidence that you know what you are doing.

Your question is a good one, since I have asked him also. I wonder, how did you know it was in the United States, since we are in Canada ? You must be psychic. In fact, he told me that Santa Randia is in the state of Alaska, near Sicily. It's one of those new "cold therapy" resorts.

I will wait impatiently for the details of your offer.

Thank you for your correspondance.

My Dear Friend,
I do heavenly apologise for the delay in responding to your mail as we had to reach an agreement on your reponse before proceeding.

There is no risk what so ever, as regards this money. But the most important thing is that we do not want this money to go through the bank here. It will not be safe for us, speaking on safety your E-mail address is not safe either, please change it. we have a very good, trusted and reliable diplomatic courier contact, that can send goods easily through diplomatic way, to anywhere in the world, without them being checked at any port of entry. They can deliver this money for you easily, to any address of your choice. The baggages will be tagged diplomatic documents, and the courier company, are not going to know the contents of the boxes. I know a few leaders that have used this means, to convey goods, without being checked because of the diplomatic immunity, on them. Their charges are very high, but we will handle all charges from this end, till it gets to your door step anywhere, and "BUDDY" will follow up immediately, and meet with you for disbursment as we might need some in an acccount that you will assist Buddy in opening, while the balance will be managed by you as we have previosly stated.

I have been reassurred by the words in your email that you will know the best way to handle this money for us , when it gets to your base. Please let me have an address where you want them to deliver the goods to. It could be a bank address or any address. As soon as I get it, I will start making arangements as to sending them to you. I will send the total once we have signed an agreement. Your percentage still stands at 15% ,It is only"BUDDY" her husband's former aid that knows about this from this end. Please if you know that you are not capable of handling this huge sum, please dont allow me to send it,I can always find other means of dealing with this. If you are, let me know so I can send you a copy of the agreement for your signature & identity.I hereby attach a picture of what you are to expect(PLEASE DELETE IMMEDIATELY AFTER VIEWING, DO NOT RESEND/FORWARD TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!) You know that the Western World are monitoring everything now.The picture contains the total.

I need your urgent reply in this regard.

Best regards,
G. Mbeki

NB: Please note that this transaction is not safe on phone, remember to keep secret secret. My new and secure email address is (, please use it for further corresspondences.

[the picture attached to the email above. Money, money ! - click to see in full] Dear Mrs. M'beki,

Compliments of the day to you !

It is indeed an honour to talk to you. I have had previous communication with your consultant, Reverand Soglo. While he has not explained to us the reason for this transaction, he has been most helpful.

Let me briefly present myself and my company. I am the CEO of Franc's Fountain of Wisdom, a whimsically-named subsidiary of Provigo Inc., a worldwide consultancy firm.

As you may not be aware, this transaction has already been discussed with my colleagues. Me and my 7 director colleagues have consulted ourselves and decided to proceed with this transaction. I showed your picture only to my colleagues, and they are all convinced now.

You have nothing to fear from my colleagues, we are all professionals. In fact, Ralph Nadir (our Director of Financial Awareness) is already busy thinking up ideas for an Investment Plan, to help your money gain value when it's in our hands. Please tell me if that would be convenient, or if you would prefer to handle the money yourself.

If you have any doubt as to our capacity to handle this transaction, know that Provigo Inc., as a worldwide contractor, handles such sums on a regular basis. In fact, they have made business with numerous countries and companies in Africa. What country are you in ? It may be possible for you to deal with a subsidiary or an agent of our parent company, instead of sending us the money all the way to here. That would spare you a lot of work and money !

That said, that is a whole lot of Benny Franklins ! Wow !

You are correct that this transaction is not safe on the phone. But, you ask us to open an email account in another place. Unfortunately, that is not possible, and for the same reason than we do not use the phone : it is much safer on this account.

Let me explain. Our Provigo by-laws are very strict : all peripherial business (of which this is part) must be conducted on these accounts. We have a Yahoo Business Gold account, which permits us to not only have secure communications, but harvest IP addresses and packet monitoring, so we can have tangible evidence to give to the police in case of scammers or transactions that turn sour (it's happened before).

Please understand that I am not calling you a scammer or a criminal : I have no doubt whatsoever as to your honesty. However, those are the rules, they are absolute, and we must abide by them. We owe to Provigo that they made us the success that we are today, and we follow their rules.

At any rate, please send us a copy of the agreement as soon as possible. Also, please tell us your present country so we can see if a national deal is not possible. Otherwise, you can send Buddy to the following address :

400 Sainte-Croix Avenue
Saint-Laurent (Quebec)
H4N 3L4

As a note, you say that Buddy is "her husband's former aid". I would be curious to know who you are referring to. We were led to believe this transaction was made in your name ? Who is this "her" you are referring to ?

Thank you for your correspondance and comprehension,

Dear Mrs. M'beki,

I have not received word from you as to our transaction. May I conclude that you have already sent a courrier to the address I gave you ?

My Dear Friend,

Do bear with us 'cause in the last two days we have been battling with Mrs. Mbeki's health which has sufferred great relaps, we would want to take your word of honor that you will take apprioprate care of the boxes and its contents.

The boxes will be shipped tommorrow upon Mrs, Mbeki's order as soon as that is done i will forward to you the airway bill of the shippment, to furnish your curiosity 'buudy' is the former aid of Mrs mbeki husband he is more like a body guard who is from Ukraine i will send you his internatonal passport as soon as i can so you will be able to recognise him when he comes to join you.

Till i send you the info as promised above do have a lovely day as i pray God to be with you.

Warmest Regards,

Rev. Sogol

My Dear Friend,

Attached is copy of "buddy" 's international passport for your perusal, corfirm reciept immediately.

God Bless

Rev. sogol

[the picture attached to the email above. Doesn't he look glum ? Those poor Ukrainians. Click to see in full] Dear Rev. sogol,

Where did Mrs. M'beki go ? We got an email from her on this adress, then nothing. Please send us her email adress so we may correspond. Me and my colleagues would be highly interested in hearing more of her story. There is no need to hide anything between us, we are business partners now.

We have received the passport in question and sent it to Provigo so they can authorize the transfer when Buddy comes. Everything is in order and ready at our end now.

I hope this Buddy is not a member of your clergy. You see, our Provigo by-laws clearly state that we cannot deal with any member of any clergy in primary dealings, except the Universal Life Church. We have made an exception in your case by declaring this deal peripherial. But Buddy, on the other hand, may be interrogated on this subject.

If you want, we can send you our list of standard questions asked to all transaction partners, so Buddy can be ready and this transaction can proceed smoothly and without alarming anyone. Please tell me if that would be convenient.

Here's to our imminent fortune !

Dear Rev. Sogol,

I have sent you this email eight days ago. Why haven't you replied yet ? I am beginning to critically doubt your commitment to this transaction.

Give us Mrs. M'beki's email address. We were having an email conversation before you rudely interrupted.
(I attached the previous email)

My Dear Friends,

Please you just have to respect the fact that mrs. mbeki has appointed me to oversee this transaction and besides she is critically ill if you are intrested to move on just let me know soonest.



Dear Rev. Soglo,

I am saddened to learn that Mrs. M'beki is ill. Why did you not tell me earlier ? I would have sent a card.

I do hope you did not get her to send us her email while she was sick. That would be a cruel thing to do.

As for being interested to move on, well, we've given you all the information you needed. With all due respect, you have been rather slow on the uptake, my good sir. Has the messenger been sent to the Provigo offices yet ?

And please refrain from invoking the blessings of deities, we have not installed our anti-supernatural protections yet. As I already mentioned to you, our corporation is very strict in its anti-god policies, especially regarding divine intervention. I hope you understand.

Please keep us appraised regularily as to the status of this transaction.

Greedily yours,

My Dear Friend,

Thanks for your response.

Please indicate immediately how soon you can go to the Dubai to recieve the boxes as we are running out of time , the security firm has a recieveing office in the Dubai and non in the America so you have to go there and recieve the boxes and immediately pay it in to a bank there from where you can do further transfer.

Awaiting for you response.

Rev. Sogol

Dear Rev. Soglo,

I was very dissapointed by your last email. You told us that Buddy would deliver the money to our doorstep. Now you say we must travel to the United Arab Emirates ? What manner of nonsense is this ? In a previous email, you said :

"we have a very good, trusted and reliable diplomatic courier contact, that can send goods easily through diplomatic way, to anywhere in the world, without them being checked at any port of entry. They can deliver this money for you easily, to any address of your choice."

Please stop slowing down this transaction and have Buddy deliver our money without further delay.

Mendaciously yours,

My Dear Friend,

Please do not insult my intelligence how can you be that misleading i told you that buddy was the former aid of mrs. mbeki's husband eho is coming over to join you after you must have recieved the boxes, he is going to assist you in setting up investments for mrs. mbeki.

The courier company being owned by some Arab men have been encoutering problems in passing their shippmnts past the North American customs due to the reputable effects of the september 11 saga. Their new polices for shippmet of that weight is that you appear at their home office in Dubai and pick up your shipment, i don't think this should be a problem to you considering the returns that mrs mbeki has promised you, i would seriously suggest you tidy up your arrangement and be ready to travel to Dubai as the boxes will be leaving later this evening our local time.

Waiting to hear from you.

Warmest regards,


Dear Rev. Sogol,

I am dissapointed to learn that you are not serious with this transaction. You have lied to us and my colleagues have lost all confidence in you.

Please give us the email address of the home office in Dubai so we may conclude this whole thing ourselves, and we might not report you to your local police.

Angrily yours,

My Dear Friend,

Good heavens, please contact the home office at Dubai with the details below.



Make sure you secure mrs. mbeki's boxes.

warmest regards,


My Dear Friend,


+971 507 188 035


My Dear Friend,

Have you contacted the security company, do let us know.

Warmest Regards,

Rev. soglo

Dear Rev. Slogo,

Yes, we are in discussions with the security company to have the money delivered. It does not concern you. However, if you are finally ready to stop lying and confess to your attempt to swindle us, we may yet give you a cut of the money.

Sincerely yours,

My Dear Friend,

I believe that you owe me an apology for your numerous insults, please just attend to the business apprioprately and furnish us with feed back for Mrs. Mbeki.

Waiting for your soonest response.

Rev. Soglo

Dear Rev. Sogol,

*I* owe you an apology ? What ? What are you talking about, you mugu ? You're the one who lied to me ! A businessman you are not.

I will most certainly not furnish you with feedback on our transaction with the security company, let alone any money, unless you apologize for your reckless and time-wasting behaviour. You have put this transaction at risk with your childish antics. Fortunately I have the security company on my side, and we are working to conclude this transaction swiftly. Unlike you, they are willing to ship the money here.

Unless it is to apologize, do not bother emailing me further. I have serious business to attend to.

Sincerely yours,

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